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Visiting Scholars

CEMS Visiting Scholar Application

If you wish to be considered for a visiting scholar position at the Center for European and Mediterranean Studies, application materials are accepted between March 15 and April 15 every academic year, with replies relayed after June 1. Current visiting scholars MUST reapply by April 15 to be considered for another academic year. Applications will ONLY be accepted for the NEXT approaching academic year, and not for the current academic year or more than one year in advance.

To apply, submit:

1. completed visiting scholar application (download form here)
2. cover letter

3. current CV

4. first time applicants should include one letter of recommendation
5. please provide a short (one paragraph) bio, with research interests
6. if your application is a renewal, please provide you NetId and your N number (located on the back of your NYU ID card, above the bar code)

Please be aware that NYU requires all Visiting Scholar Applicants to have completed their PhDs and to be resident in New York City during their appointment.

by email:
fax: +1 212 995 4188
or by mail:

Professor Larry Wolff, Director

Center for European and Mediterranean Studies

New York University

285 Mercer Street, 7th Floor

New York, NY 10003

PLEASE NOTE: We are no longer accepting applications for the 2015-2016 academic year.

The Visiting Scholar Program extends specified courtesy titles and privileges to scholars of distinction who visit the Center for European and Mediterranean Studies at New York University in order to engage in research and scholarship. Visiting scholars are considered guests of the University and CEMS, who may visit for a temporary period of up to one year (renewable). The visiting scholar title may be granted to scholars who hold academic appointments elsewhere, to scholars who have no academic affiliation (e.g., who are independent private scholars, government officials, business people or scientists employed by corporations), or to younger scholars who are sufficiently proficient in their disciplines to be accepted as colleagues by the University's faculty, but who have yet to obtain academic appointments that would qualify them for other courtesy titles.

Visiting scholars do not receive stipends. CEMS is not able to provide office space or housing to visiting scholars.

To contact a visiting scholar, please email the Center for European and Mediterranean studies (