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CEMS faculty are world-class experts whose research contributes to a greater understanding of Europe and the Mediterranean region’s role in the world, past and present.

CEMS faculty provide instruction from an interdisciplinary perspective, including:

    ▪    Political Science
    ▪    History across a range of concentrations: Modern Europe; Eastern Europe;
    ▪    Economic History; Southeast European History; and others
    ▪    Political Philosophy

"The Center for European and Mediterranean Studies provided, for me, a thoughtful, interdisciplinary environment in which one could explore these subtleties with faculty, peers and visiting scholars with a broad array of expertise. My own research within the history of European integration transcends disciplinary boundaries, and CEMS allowed me to take courses and interact with faculty members concerned with political science and history in addition to economics, sociology and public policy through lectures, workshops and simple water-cooler conversations.“
—Stephen Whittaker, CEMS MA 2014