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NYU's Center for European and Mediterranean Studies (CEMS) serves as the University's interdisciplinary hub for teaching, research, and programming on Europe—from both a historical and contemporary perspective. With a primary focus on teaching, CEMS offers a B.A. degree (Major and Minor in European Studies), M.A. degree, and doctoral support for Ph.D. candidates in related disciplines from across the university. CEMS also maintains an active calendar of workshops, lectures, and conference, many of which are open to the public.

In addition to CEMS, NYU houses eight institutes exclusively concerned with European studies: Glucksman Ireland House, Deutsches Haus, the Institute of French Studies, La Maison Française, the Jean Monnet Center at the Law School, Casa Italiana, the Remarque Institute, and the King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center.

In the Spotlight

Francesca Degiuli

Newspaper Publications

  • The Independent

    CEMS Faculty Fellow Fabio Mattioli on how to avoid Trumpism in the EU

  • New York Transatlantic

    New CEMS blog, New York Transatlantic, is now live.

  • The Indian Express

    CEMS alumna Adrija Roychowdhury on the European refugee crisis for the Indian Express

  • New York Review of Books

    CEMS Associate Professor Tamsin Shaw on the positive psychology movement for the New York Review of Books

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